Dinner Plates
All plates are served with chips & salsa.
1. Consuelo Special- Three Chicken or Beef flautas covered with Consuelo's special cream sauce, topped with jalapenos. Served with rice.                            $7.75
2. Fajita Platter- Beef or chicken fajita strips covered with sauteed onions & bell peppers. Served with rice, beans, pico de gallo, & choice of flour or corntortillas.       $7.95
3. Fajita Taco Plate- Three beef or chicken fajita tacos, served with lettuce, pico de gallo, cheddar cheese,rice, and beans.         $7.95
4. Pollo Con Mole- Chicken topped with our homemade mole sauce. Served with rice, beans, & your choice of corn or flour tortillas.                                         $7.95
5. Carne Asada- Tender grilled beef skirt steak. Served with beans, rice, and pico de gallo.            $7.95
6. Guiso Platter- Marinated beef tips mixed with sliced potatoes. Served with beans, rice, & pico de gallo.                                                $7.95 
7. Flautas- Four beef or chicken flautas served with sour cream, rice, & beans.                               $6.95
8. Tamale Plate- Two beef tamales served with rice & beans.               $6.95
9. Chesse Enchiladas- Three enchiladas filled with cheese, served with rice & beans.       $6.65
10. Beef or Chicken Enchiladas- Three enchiladas filled with beef or chicken topped with cheese. Served with rice & beans.                        $6.95
11. Taco de Asado Plate- Three beef asado tacos topped with chopped onions & cilantro. Served with rice & beans.                    $7.85
12. Sour Cream Chicken Enchiladas- Three enchiladas filled with chicken topped with sour cream sauce and cheese. Served with rice & beans.                     $6.95
13. Durango Enchiladas-
13. Quesadillas Beef or Chicken- Grilled flour tortilla filled with chicken or beef fajitas and monterey jack cheese, served with sour cream.                                $7.15
14. Beef Burrito Platter- Two seasoned ground beef burrito served with pico de gallo, rice & beans.                                           $7.95
15. Jerry's Burrito Plate- One large burrito filled with beef & chicken fajita, beans, & cheese served with rice.                      $7.25
16. Tex-Mex Platter- Three ground beef tacos (soft or crispy) tacos topped with lettuce, tomatoes, & cheese served with rice & beans.                                        $6.95
17. Spanish Chicken Breast- Chicken breast covered with special sauce & cheese, served rice & beans.                                           $7.45
18. Mucho Hungry Platter- Your choice of ant four items. Served with charro or refried beans, rice, & pico de gallo.                $8.95

Lunch Plates
All lunch plates served with rice, beans, chips, & salsa
19. Two cheese enchiladas                              $5.25
20. Two chicken enchiladas                              $5.75
21. Two chicken enchiladas with sour cream topping                                     $5.95
22. Two beef enchiladas                              $5.75
23. One enchilada & one beef taco                                             $5.45
24. Guiso (Mexican beef stew)                                          $5.95
25. Two tacos (beef or chicken)                                  $5.25
Jaime's Favorite
26. Corona Special- Two eggs, served with homestyle potatoes, two barbacoa tacos, refried beans, salsa, & fresh tortilla                                         $6.95
27. Barbacoa Taco Plate- 3 barbacoa tacos served with homestyle potatoes, refried beans, salsa, & fresh homemade tortillas.                                      $6.95
28. Barbacoa Taco             $1.95
29. Menudo (Sat. & Sun. only)                                          $5.50 
Served all day
1.Egg(s) served with bacon or sausage patties. 
2.Egg(s) served with ham
3. Big Breakfast- (two eggs served with choice of bacon, ham, or sausage, and short stack)                                           $6.75
All of the above platters are served with home potatoes or hash browns, biscuit or toast (wheat or white)
4. Westren Omelette (bell peppers, onions, cheese, and ham)                                             $5.45
5. Ham & Cheese Omelet                                      $4.75
6. Sausage or Bacon Omelett with cheese                               $4.50
7. Open Skillet Omelet- served with yor choice of 3 fillings                                         $6.25
8. Spanish Omelet (bell peppers, onions, tomatoes, & potatoes), with side of refried beans                                           $5.5o
9. Personalized Omelet (Choice of 3: cheese, mushrooms, potatoes, bell peppers, bacon, ham, or cheese)                      $5.75
All omelets are served with hash browns or home stlye potatoes and toast (white or wheat)
Breakfast a la Mexicana
10. Egg(s) served with bacon or sausage patties, salsa & beans.
1- egg...............................$4.50
2- eggs.............................$5.25
11. Egg(s) served with ham, salsa & beans
1- egg................................$4.95
2- eggs.............................$5.70
12. Migas- two eggs mixed with sliced corn tortillas & small portion of chorizo topped with cheese, served with potatoes & beans                                           $4.50
13. Huevos Rancheros- two eggs on top of two corn tortillas with a layer of beans covered with homemade sauce topped with cheese served with potatoes                                     $4.95
14. Chorizo Plate- two scrambled eggs mixed with Mexican sausage, served with potatoes & beans                    $4.95
15. Huevos con papas, revueltos- two eggs scrambled mixed with homemade potatoes, served with beans                  $4.50
16. Chilaquiles- Corn tortillas mixed with a special homemade sauce, served with beans & potatoes                                     $5.25
All Mexican breakfasts are served with refried beans, homemade potatoes, salsa, and fresh homemade tortillas (corn or flour)
Served all day
1.Egg(s) served with bacon or sausage patties. 
2.Egg(s) served with ham
3. Big Breakfast- (two eggs served with choice of bacon, ham, or sausage, and short stack)                                           $6.75